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Our approach to providing a more improved solid waste collection service calls for a focused efficiency designed to meet our customer's needs. In determining the best solutions for disposal of solid waste and its by-products, and to provide the best equipment necessary to ensure safe transport,  we examine the overall need of the client against the most efficient way to achieve their goals. We provide well-trained personnel and an environmentally safe cost effective method of disposal of solid waste. We provide a service that you can count on.

The most frequent method that

we use consist of regular curbside collection and pickup. There are three areas of trash hauling and disposal that we service. We collect stored waste from the curbside in specialized trucks; we transport safely and efficiently that collected waste in an environmentally safe method.

Seasonal conditions such as inclement weather and  holidays 

impact waste collection,  its' set schedules, and the labor cost. Understanding this, we work closely with out clients in an effort to keep cost low while delivering a service that they can count on. This system is the most labor intensive.


Our roll-off service consist of delivery of temporary or permanent placement of waste containers on a customer's production or jobsite. Our containers are suitable for municipal waste, demolition jobs, remodeling debris, small and large cleanups, roofing materials and  yard debris. The construction and demolition (C&D) debris removal service and recycling programs are negotiated directly with clients or contractors. The company collects and removes debris quickly and efficiently from job sites by providing 10, 15, 20,  30, 35 and 40 cubic yard containers. Seasonal conditions will impact revenue generation in this system element due to slow downs in construction and remodeling activities during the winter months. This system is more capital intensive than labor intensive.


This service is similar in scope to our roll-ff service as it relates to different size containers used by our clients. The majority of this type of service is industrial businesses, commercial and local governments and private businesses. Our containers are placed on the customer's property for the collection and removal of solid waste. The front load service is also more capital intensive rather than labor intensive.

RJ'S Disposal Service has come to our rescue and has delivered exceptional service to our company for the past 2 years. We highly recommend them as they certainly do delivery "service you can count on".

                                                                                                                                         – Joseph Ryder, Dynamic Construction

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